nedjelja, 30. kolovoza 2009.

YouTube - Google-certified ad networks in AdSense

YouTube - Google-certified ad networks in AdSense: "there's nothing here that demonstrates bad or good. On the one hand, it would appear that whatever ads land on our pages, it's because those ad buyers are outbidding others, giving us publishers more revenue. On the other hand, the revenue must also be split among more middlemen, which could leave us worse off. Can someone (Google) articulate sample scenarios where we publishers benefit, and those where we might not so we can decide what might be best for our own sites?"
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MA:Toni restoran na Bacama-Split

E danas kad sam cvrsto odlucila napisat par rijeci o ovom odnedavno popularnom konobi restoranu na splitskim bacama,pokraj ostarije Vidjako...