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sami.brandt8 - Bad Things about Facebook

sami.brandt8 - Bad Things about Facebook: "Bad Things about Facebook

Are these things worth it?

Facebook is a way to talk to friends and do fun things. But there is also some bad things about it. One thing bad about it is that people that you don't know will try to add you and talk to you. Another thing is that you can give out too much information for people to know who you are. Some people think that there is nothing bad about this site. And most of those people that think that are people who don't have an account.

Another bad thing is that some creeper can try to add you to be one of their friend. If you have a Facebook, it sometimes sends you a lot of spam. If it doesn't bother you then just make sure you have a good. Facebook doesn't allow to make your profile private. You can only put some things you put on their for just your friends to see, like your school name.


Good thing about Facebook

[Tell your parents if their is someone you don't know try to add you or if someone is sending you bad things to you. Parents need to know to make sure you are safe.]

Some extra things bad about Facebook.

Have you heard these stories about Facebook?

On Facebook, you have to use your real name. And poeple can send you booze (not real) just for fun. But some parents might not want their kids to see that kind of stuff. And their is a lot of innapropriate pictures that people can put up on their profile. And kids can be exposed to very bad things.

Recently, I have read in an article about a police chief on Facebook bragging about crashing cars and hitting pedestrians. It shows a picture of him giving a thumbs-up with a police car in the middle of a road stuck under a tree. Also I read about a guy sending kids nasty images so he can do bad things with them. How stupid can these poeple get?

Another thing is that when someone tells you a rumor just to mess with you, you are bound to believe it if it is sent to you over a message or something. Facebook is also very hard to figure out. For example, it took me about a month to figure out how to send a message. Yeah I might sound stupid for that but it is pretty hard to figure out, give me credit at least I found out how!

Think again. Please be smart about what you are putting up."
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