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Walnut Roll Easy Recipe

Walnut Roll Easy Recipe   Walnut Roll-Baking cake with yeast doughIn my family is long traditional of baking cakes and cookies with yeast.Dough with yeast is very healthy and helping to have good digestion.Dough with yeast is so soft and damply.


Traditional Dalmatian Chicken pie

Traditional Dalmatian Chicken pie with olive oil &olivesDough for this pie is similar ,or most look like dough for olive oil bred.
All integrates must be warm not from fridge.
First add flour,than salt and dry yeast,mix it ...than add warm water and olive oil.

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Chocolate Cherry cake

Chocolate Cherry cakewhy to bake this cake?This is one of the best cherry chocolate cakes i ever taste in my whole life and for your information only,i have 40 years of experience with baking cakes.At my blog you can find more than 500 different cake recipes all made by me.Lot of dark chocolate,vanilla cream,juicy biscuit,fresh and glassed cherries together giving this cake so good taste,fresh,sweet-swish must try it,it cant be described by words.

Barsunasto zelena torta


Neobicna,oredivna zelena boja bisknita koja se predobro stopi sa sasvim bjelom vanilija kremom daje posebnu finocu i ljepotu svakom svecanom trenutku.
Posebno rado je moji prijatelji imaju za dan Svetog Patrika,jer zelena boja je zastitna boja Irske.
No torta nije irska,torta je moj recept,a svi koji me poznaju znaju da rado eksperimentiram s bojama i okusima.
Jako volim pistacio i on me je inspirirao za izradu ove torte...mjesavina pistacia,kokosa i sirupa od mente daje prefin okus samom biskvitu,a bijela vanilij krema je u svemu dopunjava.

Na slikama mozete vidjeti tijek stvaranja torte.

Osnova za biskvit su jaja,maslo ,pistacio,kokos i sirup mente/domaci/

Krema je bijela vanilija krema.

Tortu ukrasite po zelji.

Potpuni recept necu napisati,ipak nekemale tajne moram sacuvati za svoju djecu.
Uz to jako sam zalosna precestom kradjom recepata.
Naravno moji dobri prijatelji,stalni posjetitelji bloga mogu ostaviti komentar ako zele recept i ja cu im ga poslati.

Green Velvet Rich Cake

Green Velvet Rich Cake

Cake is really big surprise for more people,is rich full green color.
Not only non common color for biscuit ,rich taste and soft touch made this cake very special.

Baking this cake is easy and integrates you can find in all markets near your home.
All you need is little free time and little good will.

I use to bake this green cake for my Irish friends at St.Patric day!
This cake recipe is not Irish cake recipe but my Irish friends find it very Irish.
Green and white combination give this cake fabulous ,delicious look.


5 big eggs10 tbs sugar2 tbs butter/low-fat/2 tbs olive oil8 tbs grind pistachio4 tbs coconut flour2 tbs flour3 vanilla sugar2 tbs cacao powderlittle sea salt1 tbs green food color/i use home made green syrup/baking powder
White Cream
 for pudding

1 lit milk6 tbs flour4 vanilla sugar8 tbs sugar
250 gram low-fat butter and  250 gram grounded sugar with vanilla .

Big happy cake for Down Syndrome International Day

Big happy cake for Down Syndrome International Day

Down Syndrome Kids are big blessing in our life.
Down Syndrome kids are sunshine for all people with open heart.
Every year,i try to make a new "fairytale" cake for kids.
last time main theme was life in nature.
Kids just love it!
I wish Happy 21st of March to all members of Down Syndrome community members and there friends and supporters.

Pizza shells-kids love it

Pizza shells

For kids parties,for any occasion with friends like simple watching TV with friends or just as a quick snack pizza shells are my first choice.

You only need to make pizza dough with flour,salt,fresh yeast and for fill you can use all you can find in your frig.
Use tomato ,cheese,ham,eggs,corn etc.

Make shells as you can see at pics and fill it!

Sweet Hedgehog-Cake for kids Birthday

Sweet Hedgehog-Cake for kids Birthday

What really can make us so Happy is to be able to bake cake for ours kids and grand-kids.
To bake this hedgehog-cake we need big biscuit cube ,chocolate cream,white almonds and good will.

Hope this pics will help you to figure how to cut biscuit and decorate hedgehog cake.

Cherry and Chocolate Cake

Cherry and Chocolate Cake

Spring is coming,first cherry tree are full of red sweet soft fruits.
My friend Blanka have Birthday and every year for her Birthday i bake this Cherry Chocolate cake decorate with lot white cream and fresh cherry fruits.
I like full and rich cakes and to bake this cake i needed lot of almonds,dark chocolate and big soft fresh Cherry fruits.

Cherry and Chocolate Cake


 6 eggs500 gram almond10 tbs sugar2 tbs flour1 tbs cacao powdervanilla sugarlemon peelbaking powdersea saltChocolate cream Integrates:

200 gram dark chocolate200 gram butter200 gram powder sugar300 gram almonds4 tbs flour3 eggs1 lit milk8 tbs sugar1 tbs honey

Integrates for decoration and cream

1 kg fresh Cherry Fruit2 tbs original Cognac1 lit  whipped creamdark chocolate in liquid



Make it as usual,beat white-eggs separate with little sea salt.
Bake it at 180 Celsius about 35-40 min.

Biscuit must be cold to cut it in 3 parts.
Cooked and cold chocolate cream ,melt dark…


We all know ,LOVE and FOOD are in Love!!
So ,when we have need to show our love to another human being  we can show it with cake.
This cake recipe is my gift to my virtual friend from Canada GIO!
Well Gio when you will have grand-kids you will be able to talk story about your virtual friend who made new cake recipe just for you!


10 big fresh eggs30 tbs hazelnuts100 gram dark chocolate10 tbs sugarorange and lemon juice and peelvanilla sugarbaking powdersea salt1 tbs orange jam


200 gram butter200 gram sugar in powder 1 lit milk4 tbs flour for cream100 gram dark chocolate2 eggsorange peelrose extract few drops8 tbs sugar3 tbs orange juice

Purim Traditional Cookies

Hamantashen (parve) Purim Traditional Cookies

Hamantashen (parve)-Purim CookiesThis is festival,holiday for kids at first place so why not bake cookies with your kids or grandkids .Its easy  to make it and kids enjoy in baking.INTEGRATES:3 only yellow-eggs6 tbs sugar3 tbs buttersaltlemon peelorange juicevanilla sugarbaking powder1 cup poppy seeds 1 tbs dark chocolateand i cup of good will

Hamantashen (parve):preparation1. Blend butter and sugar thoroughly.
2. Add flour and orange juice, alternating.
3. Refrigerate batter for a few hours.
4. Roll out dough as thin as you can.
5. Cut out 3-4 inch circles.
6. Put a tablespoon of filling/i used poppy seed beaten white egg i added poppy seeds and dark chocolate/ in the middle of each circle.
7. Fold up 3 sides to form a triangle (Overlap the sides so only a little filling shows through the middle).
8. Bake at 375 degrees for about 10-15 minutes (bake until golden brown, but take out before the filling boils over).