subota, 13. veljače 2010.

buzz or facebook???

I find facebook very so very bed place,not good for feed,not good for promote,not even good to stay in touch with friends and not good for making new friends..i only< stay there to play Farm Town!!

odnosi se na:

"Let's say you'd constituted a drinking game for the aftermath of Tuesday's unveiling of Google Buzz, the odd new mishmash of status messages, geolocation, and social-media aggregation: Take a drink every time some pundit says Google is trying to "kill" Facebook, Twitter, or any number of the "geo" start-ups out there."
- Will people leave Facebook for Buzz? Fat chance | The Social - CNET News (prikaži na Google Sidewikiju)

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 Recept za orahnjaču i makovnjaču/kako je to radila moja mama/ Za tijesto ide:/ovo je za dvije savijaće/ 5     žumanjka 100 g šećera...