četvrtak, 11. veljače 2010.

Foscarini walnut and Cocoa powder cake

lets start!!!

add sugar

mix it!!

add flour and baking powder

2tbls cocoa powder and mix it

add nuts

 have to look like this!!

 Zvonim like it!!!

its ready ,add it in preheat oven

serve it with limoncines!!!

preserved lemon peel

lemon pill in small cubes preserved in sugar

My family loves cake.
Preparing cakes required twice a week.
I think it is healthier for children to eat a piece of homemade cake.
Today, I prepared a stake of walnuts and cocoa powder.
Cake is easy to prepare, can long stand / as long as it is softer /.
I served it with a sweet sauce of lemon peel / lemon is cultivated in my garden! /

5 whole eggs10 tablespoons sugar1 vanilla sugarorange extract1 teaspoon cinnamon powdergrated lemon peel10 tablespoons flour1 / 2 small spoons of saltbaking powder2 tablespoons cocoa powder200 grams chopped walnuts150 grams butter
Beat eggs and sugar, add grated rind and smells.Continue with mixing.Add flour and baking powder and salt.A little mix and add butter.Smiles mix well with a wooden spoon or a dough mixer.At the end add the chopped walnuts.Shalt pour into prepared baking dish.Furnace for 30 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.
Cake can be served still warm with a spoon of lemon syrup!

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