nedjelja, 14. veljače 2010.

Sarme-stuffed sauerkraut leaves

This dish is traditionally a winter dish Croatian regions.A perfect blend of sauerkraut svijezeg dried meat and minced meat.I have already described in earlier posts the way of preparation.Sarma is a very healthy food, they have lots of vitamin C and charm are full of calories that our body needs in winter to create body heat!
1 large head sauerkraut1 / 2 pounds cut sauerkraut1 cup barley porridge1 kilo of minced meat / beef and pork /parsleyoniongarlicsalttomato juice1 pair dried sausage1 piece of dried meat / pork ribs or the head /a lot of good will and patience to prepare!
Pickled cabbage / chopped and leaves / first rinsehash  prepared with red onions, sliced parsley, sliced garlicsaltAdd barley porridgestir it well!

add it all in big pot,add cold water to cover all stuffed leaves and cover it all with cut sauerkraut  .
On the top add smoked meat !
Cook it about 1 hour than add salt and tomato juice,cook more.
After 2 hours cooking/be careful dont mix it while they are cooking/remove it from heat and add it in preheated oven on 200 Celsius for about half hour!

Voli Vas Silvana!
Silvana, with Love!

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