subota, 17. prosinca 2011.

Black and white ball cake

We like to bake cake which will be sutible for whole family and friends.
This one is very easy to make,not expencive one and fat free,kids like it to eat and to look!
So i can recomend this cake for next Christmas holidays!
/ for a chocolate biscuit /

     5 large eggs
     5 tablespoons of sugar
     Grated rind 1 orange
     juice from one orange
     1 vanilla sugar
     1 baking powder
     2 tablespoons cocoa powder
     5 full tablespoons of flour

/ for vanilla cream /

     3 vanilla pudding
     1 liter of milk
     1 package of butter
     sugar as instructed by the pudding
     pinch of salt
     10 tablespoons powdered sugar
     2 vanilla sugar

/ charging rolls /

400 grams of dark Nuttela prayers or mermelade / to taste /
/ to decorate /
1.pint of cream slag
 2.200 grams of cooking chocolate



To use a basic sponge cake recipe for the roll.

Separate whites from yellow-egg.
Beat up the good egg / eggs are let at room temperature and add a little salt /.
In another bowl, beat egg yolks with sugar and grated orange peel, add cocoa, orange juice, a little stir.
Mix flour with baking powder and add egg yolks by slowly stirring and adding firmly beaten bjelanjak.Ja all this hand-mixes that we remain firm albumen.
  Preheat oven, pour on oiled paper smiles and bake for about 20 minutes at 180 degrees.
Hot roll add on a damp cloth and a good roll.
Allow to cool while we make vanilla cream.


Pudding cook as instructed only 3 bags of milk puddings as though we will need from 2.Pudding .In milk add sugar as instructed and vanilla sugar.
When the vanilla cream  become cold add the butter with sugar.
Gently mix to , at the end add a little cream.
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