četvrtak, 22. prosinca 2011.


For holidays i baked this very rich almond nuts and dark chocolate classic cake.
I know ,every single day we can find few new cake recipes but i prefer this old one.Not sure but i think this is very original recipe from 18 century.
Maybe recipe is little modified but still taste like in good old time.
No need to visit Austria to enjoy in rich fantasy taste of this cake.

  1. 250 gram sugar
  2. 250 gram sugar in powder
  3. 10 big eggs
  4. 300 gram almond nuts
  5. 300 gram dark chocolate
  6. 250 gram butter for cream
  7. 1 tbs instant coffee
  8. 2 tbs cherry grape
  9. 1 vanilla sugar
  10. 1 baking powder
  11. just a little sea salt
  12. 3 tbs flour


  1. white egg /10/and sugar mix well,eggs must be on room temperature and add a little sea salt
  2. In this add almond  and egg-yellow/5/,beet it good ..need to get cream
  3. now add flour with vanilla sugar and baking powder.
  4. now add malted dark chocolate /100 gram/
  5. mix all a little
Bake it for about 1 hour in preheat oven at 160 Celsius.


  • Start with mixing egg-yellow with sugar in powder.Mix it well and you will get nice cream.
  • In that cream add butter/must be at room temperature/ mix it more
  • in cream add melted dark chocolate/100 gram/,mix it little more,add coffee and cream is ready to fill biscuit.

When biscuit is cold fill it with chocolate cream.
Decorate cake with chocolate glace/100 gram of dark chocolate melt in 3 tbs warm water and 2 tbs of vegetable oil.
Add cake in fridge few hours.
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