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Piroshki recipe-greetings from Russia

Piroshki recipe-greetings from Russia

Russia have a special place in my heart from my young days ,
As young girl i was big fun of Russian literature  from classic one to the modern writers.
Only big warm Russian soul can produce such a big love and in same time such a big hate.
When Russian love thats the biggest love and when Russian hate thats the biggest hate ..
personally i dont find Russian cuisine such good as Russian literature and Russian poetry but piroshki are great!
I love it salt or sweet.

I have this recipe from my grandmother and will share it here!

fry it in deep oil both sides

pirishki in hot oil

fried piroski

still hot fried piroshki

first one is ready to fry

mmmmmmmmmmmm fry it well

just added in hot oil

4 more to make and all finish

fill is white cheese and cream

waiting for dough to rise

mixing eggs in flour

  1. half kg flour
  2. 1 cup water
  3. 1/2 cup oil
  4. 1 tbs sea salt
  5. 3 big eggs
  6. 1 tbs dry yeast
For fill:
You can use many different fills such as white cheese,cheese and hum,ham,meet,fish etc.


Boil water with oil and salt.
Add flour and mix it.
After half hour add eggs and dry yeast,mix it with hands if needed add more flour.
Leave dough at warm place to rise twice.
From this make piroshki as you can see at pics,
Add fill,roll it and fry it in deep hot oil.
Serve it with salad,cream,white cheese etc.
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