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Zucchini stuffed squid-another recipe from grandma's cookbook

This recipe is an old Split.
Is almost forgotten.Squids are favorites and saved a few favorite ways.
Genuine lovers will enjoy this old recipe.


1000 grams of the Adriatic squid / do not use male squid /
8 medium-size zucchini
1 cup breadcrumbs
1 / 2 cup olive oil
handful of black olives
spoon capers
a little pepper


Hollow gourd with a spoon.
Flasks inside a little salt.
Clean squid, cut into small cubes.

Filling of the squid:

Put the pieces of squid in a pot, salt, add oil, bread crumbs, parsley, and pepper ,garlic and caper.
Filling mix.

The filling flasks charged.
Sort them in baking.
Place the sauce around the meat zucchini.


Meat from zucchini salt, put the oil and stir.
Add parsley and garlic,

Put food in oven heated oven at around 200 Celsius to become golden yellow zucchini.
Continue oven covered. / you can use foil /
Put the oven at 150 Celsius and bake another 45 minutes.
Serve warm or cold!
Dalmatian White wine will complement the origin pleasure.

Voli Vas Silvana!
Silvana, with Love!

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