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For the last 30 years black risotto is the must food on my New Year table!
We all love it,its so tasty primo piato!
Can be serve with meat or fish meal.
For New Year eve i like to serve risotto in 3 colors Black,Red and white!
Black=cuttlefish risotto
Red= tomato and veal risotto
White=codfish risotto

black risotto
cuttlefish risotto

INTEGRATES/ 6 persons/

1 kg young, fresh cuttlefish
3 heads silver onions
chopped garlic and parsley
olive oil, salt, pepper
glass of red wine or average
3 cups rice round grain
teaspoon butter
blackness put out while we cleaning cuttlefish* bladder with ink can be seen with the naked eye *


chopped onion add on warm olive oil

add sliced cuttlefish and mix on low heat
Now all pour with red wine and some water
add a little salt and pepper
cook on low heat
Now again add a little salt / can be a little saltier because adding rice /
put chopped garlic and parsley
little stir and gently boil
when he pours softened add the rice, mix in the fire, about 5 minutes and
than add water, fish foundation / better if we have a foundation /
observe that rice is not overcooked or thick / rice is best cooked al dente/
exclude fire, add a teaspoon of butter.
Serve it for ten minutes

Voli Vas Silvana!
Silvana, with Love!

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