subota, 5. prosinca 2009.

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This note really piss me off,now what will be with my farm there,yes i am Farm Town player and i have big farm..i know that all my fruits will be waste and i will have to plow it...what a tragedy for serious Farm town player.

I found this post and i will share it with you:

I didn't realize I had crops to harvest yesterday until I opened Farm Town today. And yes, all of them have gone to waste. The color of brown fields just pains my heart really because after plowing and planting, I will be clearing the fields again because of the rotten crops. It's such a waste of time.

Well, crops-gone-to-waste is a reality in Farm Town and we have to get used to that brown fields if we are not careful enough to take note of the harvesting date. For me, I was just really so occupied with work yesterday that I thought my crops won't be available for harvest until today. I forgot I planted carrots. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

Will be cleaning up the brown fields later. I just feel a bit frustrated. But I need to continue farming because I only need one more level to get that much-coveted mansion. :)

I share this feelings whit post writer...tomorrow or later tonight my farm will be all broun not green or in nice fruits colors!
I am really angry on facebook!!!

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