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DRIED COD FISH WITH CHICKPEAS-traditional meal for Christmas eve

At the urging of my dad I decided to add this recipe on my site.
Soak the chickpeas at least two days earlier!
Dried cod fish is mandatory food on the table of our family on Christmas Eve.

On the day before Christmas the whole city smells unique for me divine, the smell of cooked dried codfish.
I like to buy Norwegian dried cod fish because it is delicious.
Already in November, go into a delicatessen and pick a nice cod of about 1000grama to 1300 grams.
Since it is very dry it should be put in the melt water 3 days before cooking.
Change the water every day.
On Christmas Eve, early in the morning put to cook cod in cold water.
When boils add some salt and just a spoon of olive oil.
Chickpeas melt one day and cook it in salted water.
So I look forward to Christmas Eve, already i can feel that wonderful perfume of dried cod fish

It is necessary to / for 6-8 people /

1200 grams of cod
500 grams chickpea
bunch parsley
2-3 heads of garlic
a little white pepper in grain
cup olive oil
2 large heads of purple port
teaspoon butter


In large pot add olive oil and cut onion,don't fry it,cook it/onion must became very soft but still stay white /
First add chickpeas and cover it with fish soup/we have to make it earlier or we can use fish soup from fridge/
Cook peas about half hour and than add codfish.
After half hour of cooking,add salt,white paper
cook it more,if its necessary add more fish soup!!!
Be careful,cook it on low temperature,dont mix it,just shake it!!
On the end add chopped parsley and chopped garlic.
Cover it,serve it after 15 minutes!

Hello friends,today my father asked me to prepare one old Croatian food with cod-fish and chickpea!I like so much this food but I didn’t eat it for more than ten years!The main reason is because my grandma like to cook it and she is not with as any more!I would like to share this recipe with you my dear friends!

Voli Vas Silvana!
Silvana, with Love!

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