nedjelja, 19. prosinca 2010.


Here's from today to begin preparing a variety of cookies for the holidays!

Surely a matter for bass every housewife this days bake various shapes and flavors of cookies.

I personally love this simple, traditional, which remind me of my youth, the beautiful days spent with my grandmother ... all the smells of cookies, a smell that reminds me irresistibly to all nice, the nicest in my early youth.

With you I will again tonight to share this very old, simple recipe for biscuits from the butter dough.

The dough is very simple, cheap and so delicious, fine, melt in your mouth and can stand very long in a box of cookies ...


     * 6 cups white flour
     * 3 cups margarine or butter, or mixed
     * 1 cup white sugar
     * 3 whole eggs
     * 2 vanilla sugar
     * juice of one orange
     * grated orange peel
     * a pinch of salt
     * half a cup of sherry


     * In the bowl place butter, sugar, vanilla sugar and well .. first mix it with wooden spoon, 

then continue by hand.
     * worked out the fat, add eggs, orange juice, peel, sherry, salt, mix gently by hand!!
       Now add flour .. the smiles you will drink about 6 cups of flour dough .. needs a good make, it must be firm but still that can knead without crumbling.
     * Create shapes from the dough as desired ... balls, tree, bunny, horns ... and everything what comes to mind.
     *  All decorate with sugar, chocolate, mermelade, toppings ..
     * Make this dough should be dried at temperatures around 150 degrees ... not should not burn.
     * Chilled to store and serve during the holidays.

Voli Vas Silvana! Silvana, with Love!
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