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Foscarini Very Rich Nut Cake

Very Rich Nuts
 and we start!!!
 first eggs and sugar...salt,orange peel

 mix it for 5-7 min.
 its ready for oven
 now in cooked pudding add nuts,and sugar..mix it with spoon
Already, many years before,
I learned that does not need to bake all the cakes for Christmas and New Year
./ and after main holidays we live, we welcome guests, hang up, so it is nice to make some fresh perch, cakes that are not pulling for days at home ...  
So Bake this rich of taste Foscarini cake ... it's my long-standing, proven recipe for nut cake .. 
I worked a lot of times, for all  occasions and in all forms and with all possible embellishments .. and always inspire all who taste IT! !
Here  I'll share with you all the little tricks to show you how to bake the perfect cake.

INGREDIENTS: the biscuit /

     * 400 grams of finely ground walnuts
     * 5 large whole eggs
     * 12 tablespoons sugar
     * a pinch of salt
     * 1 baking powder
     * 1 vanilla sugar
     * grated rind one orange domestic
     * 2 tablespoons flour

For the cream:

     * 2 of the chocolate pudding / sugar and the instructions for the preparation /
     * 150 grams of sugar Staub/ground sugar/
     * 300 grams ground walnuts
     *about 10-12 biscuits/petite-beure/
     * 2 tablespoons butter
     * a few drops of hazelnut extract


The preparation itself is simple and fast, the eggs should be fresh and at room temperature ... eggs, sugar and orange zest salt in a mixer beat together ..
When the mixture is hard to add ground nuts .. and at the end add flour, in which we mixed baking powder ..
Pour mixture into a mold, bake at about 180 degrees for about half an hour, it's nice to grow, a little cool and cut in half, pour the orange juice ...

Preparation of creams:

Easy, easy, cook slightly stiffer pudding / per instruction /, add the butter, ground cookies, ground nut, gently stir

Assemble the cake:

On the first layer put a layer of your choice marmalade / apricot, pomegranate, etc. /
put half the cream, cover partially  biscuits.
Again, all primed marmalade, add the remaining cream, all coated.
Cool down.
Garnish if desired, whipped cream, chocolate, etc.

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