subota, 29. ožujka 2008.

GNOCCHI-Croatian traditional

made by andrea
Do you know any how don't like gnocchi?
I don't!!
I would like to share traditional Croatian recipe for potatoes gnocchi-
this is a recipe from Dalmatia -region in Croatia on the coast of Adriatic Sea


  1. 1000 gram of potatoes
  2. two big eggs
  3. 500 gram of farina
  4. 1 spoon of butter
  5. 1/2 tea spoon of sea salt

  • washed potatoes in peel put in cold water and cook about 1 hour
  • cooked and warm potatoes peel and smash
  • add 2 spoon of farina on work table
  • add smashed potatoes
  • in the middle of smash potatoes make a crater/like a volcano crater/
  • in "volcano crater" add eggs,salt and butter
  • add more farina and mix it with hands until all became like a dough for bread!
  • device dough in small balls
  • with each balls make a roll like a sausage
  • dough sausage cut in small parts
  • with this parts made a little balls
  • each balls rolling above grater
  • in big pot add cold water with sea salt
  • in bowling water add gnocchi
  • gnocchi need only 5 min. for cooking
You can serve gnocchi with gorgonzola cheese,scampi,meat....
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