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Fritter with eggplants-Traditional Mediterranean Food-Greek Kitchen

You can have thousands different healthy dishes with eggplants!Whole Mediterranean region have a lot different recipe with eggplants!

traditional Greek and Croatian Food


  1. 500 gram of dark farina tip 400
  2. 1 pack of instant yeast
  3. 1 tea spoon of sea salt
  4. 1 table spoon of olive oil
  5. 2 eggs
  6. 2 eggplants/for better results you have to cut eggplants on small parts and add sea salt,mix it and leave it for 2 hours/
  7. 1 tea cup of yogurt
  8. warm water
  9. 1 tea spoon of paper and sweet red grounded paprika


  • put farina in big pot
  • add yeast ,salt,paper and sweet red paprika
  • mix it with spoon
  • add eggs,olive oil
  • add colander-ed ,cut and salted eggplants/eggplants have to be cat in small parts/
  • add yogurt and add warm water /little by little/ and mix it well with spoon
  • wait about 1 hour and start with fry in deep warm oil/just as you fry donuts/
  • serve it warm with white cheese or sour cream with cut fresh green onion
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