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cakes of salted sardines/viska pogaca/

Write a few words about the history of the recipe for a meal is very important!
Through the story of the food we learn about the country and its inhabitants.
Croatia is small country on the Adriatic coast,country with more than 1000 islands,with calm,clear,warm sea.
Stone Coast, with little arable fields..People always lived by the gifts of the sea.
Cultivate fields are given the fruits of olive and grape, and the sea is fed with an abundance of fish, shellfish and work!

Expensive and rare fish is sold to the rich and the poor ate anchovies!
Sardine is food of the poor!
You can prepare sardines cooked, fried, fried.
Stored for a long period so that the sardines have agreed to a major sea salt, or put in the mix of vinegar and onions.

The special occasions are our grandmothers cooked cakes of salted anchovies!


it is necessary:

10 pieces of salted anchovy fillets
handful of capers
2 large red port
half cup olive oil
2 cups tomato pieces
laurel leaf
little rosemary
bunch parsley
head of garlic


4 cups flour
1 tablespoon olive oil
fresh yeast
1 teaspoon sugar

Dough well mix with hands and leave to rise.

Make fill, gently fry chopped onion in oil
add water to soften onion
now add tomatoes and cook for 15 minutes.
add spices and a little boil, salt if desired!

Divide the dough, roll out, put in the form of baking, pour sauce ...

Now agree sardine fillets and cover the other part of dough.

cut onion on olive oil

now we can add tomato

all is here,herbs,tomato,onion

                                me working,dough have to be hard

 and just a little swimming in between...lol...

dough growing

wow....cheese cake made by Andrea...we are enjoying while we wait for salt dish!!!

adding salt fish

tomato souse on top

and second part of dough on the top
Now only add all in oven and bake it!!!
Serve it warm or cold with glass of red wine!!!

Voli Vas Silvana!
Silvana, with Love!

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