utorak, 15. rujna 2009.

Pregnant with Cancer

Pregnant with Cancer: "Patrick Swayze Has Died. We Lost a True Fighter.

I have more than admired his strength throughout his battle. I don't know how he held on so long but he did and he did it with attitude. I respected him so much for it. I felt pride when I heard him talk about it. He wasn't the kind to give up. Here's to you Patrick. I loved you since I was a little girl. I have such great memories. I loved when you danced with Chris Farley. I loved you in Dirty Dancing. I saw it probably 100 times. Maybe more.

Thanks for showing us all what fighting is about."
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 Recept za orahnjaču i makovnjaču/kako je to radila moja mama/ Za tijesto ide:/ovo je za dvije savijaće/ 5     žumanjka 100 g šećera...