nedjelja, 27. rujna 2009.

ANANAS /pineapple/ CAKE

 Hi friends,
i really love this recipe,its easy and fast!!!
My grandkids just can eat it everyday.
  1. 3 big eggs
  2. 9 soup spoon brown sugar
  3. 9  soup spoon farina tip 500
  4. 1 baking powder
  5. 1 vanilla sugar
  6. 3 soup spoon milk
  7. just gram of sea salt

  • 400 grams yogurt
  • 7 soup spoon sugar
  • 1/2 lit cream for cakes
  • 800 gram ananas /chopped in small parts/
  • 1 big cup ananas juice

Mix all integrates for pan/you can mix it all at once,no need to start with eggs and sugar /
Bake it in oven at 200 celsius for about 30 minutes

Cream Preparation:
Mix cream for about 5 min. high speed.add yogurt and sugar/that all!!!!imagine/

When pan is cold you can start with adding cream and ananas.First  make pan wet and soft with ananas juice,than add small parts of ananas on it and on the top add yogurt cream.
The cake is the best for serve after 24 hours in fridge.

i Vas Silvana!
Silvana, with Love!
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