nedjelja, 6. rujna 2009.

Chocolate and figs rolls

You need:

1. 1 kg dried figs/milled figs/
2. 250 gram brown sugar with vanilla
3. 1 lemon/juice/
4. black chocolate
5. 250 gram butter
6. 250 gram milled “petite beurre” biscuits
7. lass of water


* put water in pot,add sugar and lemon juice
* cook it for 25 min. and you will have syrup
* add figs,milled biscuit and mix it for 5 min.
* turn out fire and add butter, mix well
* when all became cold make rolls on oil paper
* put it on cold place for 1-2 days
* cut it in small parts/as you can see on my photo/"
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