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BRODETTO -recipe from my grandma cookbook


Batovina (Uranoscopus scaber) of fish from the family Uranoscopidae. When we are still called bežmek, čaća, čaće, holti, badić, neblogled, bokainkavo, LEPUR, Uncle, smoker, ... [1]. This is the only fish in this family that lives in the Adriatic Sea, and the whole family is looking like the layout of fish from the family of spiders. His head is large, flat top and thicker than the rest of the body. His mouth turned up. Brown-gray in color, with small, slightly noticeable spots. Living at depths from 5 to 400, although it is mostly found at depths of 50 m, and on sandy and muddy terrain where they live buried so that it sticks only part of the mouth, where there is a special film that lures fish, and so it catches. It grows to 40 cm in length and up to a weight of 1 kg [2]. Spawning at the end of spring, when products sounds (5-10 Hz) and electrical stimuli of several seconds duration. Edible and highly valued fish, known for its durability out of the water, because these conditions can live and 6 hours.


Ingredients / for 6osoba /

Approximately 1-2 kg of fish break / scorpion fish, conger eel, batovine isl /
1 / 2 kg onions
heads chopped garlic
bunch parsley-chop
2 List of laurel
small rosemary
1 cup sweet wine
1 cup.pire tomato
1/2 cup olive oil


* Chop onion and fry it in olive oil
* Clean the fish and put into order at frayed onion/ cheese dish take as thick bottom-fish carefully sort and during cooking only shake it not mix it/
* cook the fish about 1o min. and add salt, pepper, rosemary, laurel
* Add tomato juice-pour a little ,cook and shake it
* after 15 min. add a glass of sweet wine and 2 tbs bread crumb
* At the end of laurel and rosemary extract, add chopped parsley and garlic
* Cook it for a little while all thicken
* Leave a little steep

It is best to serve with the cooked polenta and the glass of fine wine!

Voli Vas Silvana!
Silvana, with Love!

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