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FRITULE-Melt In Your Mouth - Super Easy For Beginners!

Dalmatian fritters (dessert)
Dalmatian cuisine specialty

F R I T U L E /a la Foscarini/

Desert Dalmatia and Split!

Melts in your mouth!
Cheap ingredients!
Easy to prepare!
Like it young and old!

30 g yeast (mousse)
little water
half past one kg flour
1 glass of brandy
little mištrala / sherry or maraschino /
3-4 tablespoons raisins
lemon peel
handful of almonds or walnuts
l liter of oil for frying
vanilla sugar

Make a pot of yeast 30 g yeast (mousse), warm water and flour, and how to keep that up. In a bowl sift half past one kg of flour, make a hole in the middle, pour the yeast in it and pour a little salt and hot water so that he could easily beat the dough with a spoon. Dough to add a glass of brandy, a little mištrala, 3-4 tablespoons of raisins očišćenog, lemon peel and a handful of almonds or walnuts . Dough with a spoon until batter begins to make bubbles and leave again 1 hour to rise. Pour about 1 liter of oil in a pot to heat, squeeze in a handful of dough and let it out of hand between thumb and forefinger, and a spoon in the other hand, the shape of the dough fritters, and place in hot oil to be fried until become gold. Remove with a spoon to hack them to better oil drain. While the fried fritters should be ample oil in the tank and must constantly boil. The vessel may not be much fritule suddenly that they can freely tumble, when the vessel a little shaken, the fritters into the oil turns. Fritule shape with the spoon and put into boiling oil, but the spoon should be before a dip in oil or hot water. As soon as the fried fritters, sprinkle the vanilla sugar and serve warm.

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