nedjelja, 1. studenoga 2009.

Krempite/cream pies/custard slices

When I say traditional krempite/cream pies,custard slices/ then I think the ones made with cooked cream at home!

A few small tips!

young people often complain on this cream!

Like to say that it feels too much flour.

With a small trick that you will make it taste fantastic!

So with the puff pastry just need to make the cream!

Remember pudding with cream is not good cream!


* 2 liter milk
* 10 eggs
* 20 large spoon of sugar
* 2 vanilla stick
* 10 drops vanilla essence
* 2 vanilla sugar
* 10 tbs flour
* 1 baking powder
* Salt
* Grated peel of orange and lemon / If you like /
* 100 grams butter


* Add milk in big pot
* Vanilla stick and add the vanilla essence and vanilla sugar
* Add butter
* Milk must bowl
* Sugar with an egg whisk /
* Lawful in flour and add a little milk if necessary
* must be smooth and well mixed
* The boiling milk, add eggs with lawful
* All the time mix
* When well pressed to remove the fir
immediately put hot cream on pastry

Cover the second choir of pastry

sprinkle sugar Staub

and that's it

Easy, quick, healthy and easy!


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