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He is wearing… a trash bag… as a skirt. I can’t even fathom a reason why! – “Well maybe it was some sort of an emergency.” Who knows what he is going to use the Tupperware for.

Its not her fault; that guy’s fabulous rat tail makes all the girls pull their skirts up.

I’ve got 4 to 1 odds saying she smelled her hand after she pulled it back out.

Oh, It’s like a garbage bag filled with creamed corn.

C’mon now. This brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘half-assed’.

I wonder if this guy wears those jeans with any other shirt. It’s too bad that they don’t make jeans with a giant douche on them, then he would be set for any shirt.

Is it just me, or do mullets look 10x better with camo? These two are like the Mario and Luigi of Walmart.
Texas and California

This is either the ugliest woman ever, the worst cross-dresser ever, or a guy that is really bad at choosing gender appropriate clothes. Maybe it’s all three – an ugly woman, cross-dressing as a man, who can’t pick out manly clothes.

You are not a ballerina so don’t dress like one! That shirt manages to give your side boobs back boobs…..I’m not even sure how that’s possible, but you accomplished it.
New Hampshire

Either that kid looks exactly like him, or believe it or not, Mr. Superbad himself is shopping at the Wal.

I guess he thought he could roll his underwear over his pants and use them as a belt…didn’t work.

I’m still trying to figure out if that outfit is made like that on purpose or if its just trying to tear itself away from her body.

“What is Walmart gay?” – great question; Walmart gay is extra flamboyant attire like this, that is still rooted in Walmartness. For example, tying your shirt up like so is very flamboyant, however it is also flannel. Pink shorts –> big belt buckle. Big goofy hat –> doesnt match a thing. I think you get the idea.

“Hey, PoWM, this is probably staged to get on your website!” – Well, if this guy grew that enchanting Ponytail for 11 years so he could one day squeeze into his tightest shirt, Lt. Dangle shorts and Goth boots for the purpose of taking a picture at Walmart and getting his 15 minutes of fame on our website…….then i guess he got one over on us.

This lady looks like she woke up in an alley somewhere in Mexico and had the urge to get to a Walmart inmediatamente.
South Carolina

My man looks like a walking, talking, pimping Neapolitan Ice Cream. I bet that pimp hand is cold ladies.

Create your own caption. I’m in the middle of pouring bleach into my eyes.
West Virginia

Well the bleach from earlier obviously didn’t do the trick because I still see this…. I’m switching to Drano.

Fashion tip: Your house arrest ankle bracelet is not an accessory, so you probably don’t want to go all LL Cool J with your sweatpants.

I bet this guy is wearing a condom just so everything is tight and snug….come to think of it, this guy kind of looks like a big condom but I don’t have the balls to tell him that.

Dear Skeezy McSkeezerson, thanks for moving your nightie so we could get a nice glance at whatever it is you inked above your crack to thwart off potential suitors.

Hell no we ain’t got no gays down here in Texas !…..Whats that? Oh, yeah, I made this vest myself. Looks good don’t it?

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