ponedjeljak, 19. listopada 2009.

Bruskete with cream

* For one person 2 bread slice/ I used the mixed corn bread /
     * 8 slice bread
     * 2 whole eggs
     * 150 grams of young cheese
     * 2 sour cream
     * 100 grams spicy sausage
     * 4 higher pickled gherkins
     * Spices to taste, I just added marjoram


All  chop, salt, spices and mix it.

Add this mixture on top of each slice of bread!

Bake it in  oven at about 225 degrees
And that's all ,you can serve it.
serve it with warm tea or glass of red wine or beer/as you prefer/

Voli Vas Silvana!
Silvana, with Love!

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