subota, 24. listopada 2009.


In my kitchen, I have to admit, there are no some big surprises!

Usually I cook to what I still learned from Grandma!

For this weekend I decided to make our / when I say our, then I think Split,Dalmatia,Croatia / stuffed peppers.


     * 1 kg red meat / minced /
     * 12-13 bell pepper
     * 1 cup rice
     * 2-4 tablespoon pest / bacon, garlic and parsley /
     * 0.5 kg onions
     * 1 cup tomato pasat
     * Salt
     * A little oil
     * 2 tablespoons flour / the browned flour /
     * 1 pair of Dalmatian local sausage
     * 200 grams of cut ham
     * 1 tablespoon dried vegetable


On the bottom of the pot fry the onion in a little fat!

Make it cold!!
In the meantime mix  red meat with red onions, rice, pesto, salt and a little of Vegeta!

Cleaned and washed peppers filling smile.

  Add fill paprika  in the pot.

pour water.

Add the sausage and ham.

Put the cooked after 15 minutes add the  Tomato Pasta, a little salt and  dried Vegetable!

Let cook for about 2 hours. Cook on lightly!

Now make browned flour and add to cook for about 15 min.
Serve it with mash potato,pasta or gnocchi!

Voli Vas Silvana!
Silvana, with Love!

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