subota, 10. listopada 2009.

Fast diet...wowwwwwwwww

 Fast diet,dream of every woman!?YES...but is there any diet like that?
We all dream about fast and secure and easy diet!
Here is diet from our grandmas time!
This is my second day on this old diet.My friend mother told me about it,so i will share it with you!Its really easy and i am feeling very good on my second day on this diet!
First day you have to clean your body and only is allowed to drink herb or fruit tea/i was drinking chamomile tea /
Second day and next 5 days we have to eat only fish soup/can eat cooked fish too with little olive oil/.During the day we can eat fresh vegetables and fruits /allowed fruits are:apple,plum,orange,lemon,kiwi and figs/
On 7th day we have to pause with diet for next 8 day!
After 8 days of pause we can start diet again!
This diet is also good for skin and make us looking younger!
I will inform all of you how much " fat" i will lose with this diet!
I started with 81 kg,today i am on 79,5 kg
Hope i will lose more than 5 kg during this diet!
Voli Vas Silvana!
Silvana, with Love!
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