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President George Bush Cake

Chocolate is always my choice for inspiration.
Today I am proud to have become a country of NATO, and that President of US visit our country, reached U.S. President George Bush!
All day I filed the most of my knowledge and my experience and developed these new recipe for chocolate cake dedicated to President George Bush !
My family is delighted and I hope that it will be like you!

This is a cake for the honor of the U.S. President George Bush who visited Cratia from 4/4/2008 - 4/5/2008

George Bush chocolate cake


1st 100 grams butter
2nd 200 grams of black chocolate
3rd 200 grams sugar
4th 8 eggs
5th 200 grams almonds

For the cream:

* 6 eggs/only yellow part/
* 200 grams of sugar
* 200 grams butter
* 100 grams of roasted ground almonds

For the glaze:

1st 100 grams cooking chocolade
2nd 50 grams sugar
3rd 8 tablespoons water
4th 20 grams butter


* Fight with eggs and sugar,
* Add warmed chocolate and mix it a little
* Add the butter / room temperature/
* Now slowly add the 1 tablespoon egg/white /, ground almonds
*mix it easy to
* Bake in oven ,on 180 celsius, about 40 min


* Stir eggs/yellow/ in chocolate and sugar
* When it becomes thick and smooth then remove from fire
* In lawful slowly add the chilled butter / room temperature /and mix it well
* Stir fried ground almonds


* Break up the chocolate
* Add the sugar, water and butter
* Stir in the fire until it becomes thick and smooth

Canned biscuit slices, brush plum jam in a light layer, add the rest of the dough .
brush jam of plums and pour glaze
Decorate whipped cream and almonds!

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