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Lamb a la Split-Foscarini family recipe

  Lamb as it was my grandmother cooked!

Here is an old yet new recipe for preparing lamb!

And who is in fact not an admirer of lamb prepared in this way will the love.

Ingredients: / 6-8 persons /

    1st  1 leg of lamb about 2 kg.
    2nd  10 dag smoked ham
    3rd  onion
   4th   pepper
    5th   salt
    6th   1 dl oil
    7th    20 dag red port
    8th    1 tablespoon tomato puree
    9th    1 dl red wine
   10th    0.5  PROSEKA
  11th     2 tablespoons vinegar
   12th    celery and parsley
   13th    bay leaf
   14th    rosemary
   15th    2 tablespoons flour
   16th    200 grams of dried plums


     * But wash, remove the bone and obtained a large piece of flesh, salt, pepper, rub with garlic
     * Next, spread a piece of meat, arrange ham, make roll, and the resulting roll if possible tie at the end of cooking and baking.
     * The resulting roll by turning on the bake pan in hot oil.
     * In the meantime
     * Put in a pot, kill more onion to easily add water when the onion is almost entirely softer add plums pitted,
     * A little cook to soft plums
     * Now add the gridded carrots
     * Add water until tender, not carrots, with a piston lawful  mixer and add all other ingredients listed / except flour /
     * Put the fried meat, or meat add water and cook in the vessel.
     * When the meat is tender, remove it Take, cut into slices and return to sauce.Now add an flour, try it, add spices if needed and cook just a little bit without interference.

This wonderful dish serve with classic gnocchi or wide noodles with the spinach!


Voli Vas Silvana!
Silvana, with Love!

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